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Studio Hockey

Studio Hockey

Colin Batch & Shane McLeod about the FIH Pro League & Tokyo

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Colin Batch, coach of Australia & Shane McLeod, coach of Belgium are the guests in this podcast. The coaches of the current first and second team in the world ranking. The finalists of last years maiden edition of the FIH Pro League and the two biggest favourites for gold in Tokyo.

With the FIH Pro League, season 2, starting this weekend we thought it was nice to talk with these topcoaches about the FIH Pro League and obviously about the number one priority for all this year: Tokyo! Of course these two teams will also be each others first opponent in the new FIH Pro League when they meet twice in Sydney next week.

Shane McLeod had to rush back to his hotel after a training with the Red Lions, currently in Sydney, so he joins in a little bit later in the podcast after some 10 minutes or so.

Episode 35 was recorded on 2020-01-13 & published on 2020-01-17 by
Host : Ernst Baart
Podcast: Studio Hockey

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