Florida Car Insurance Rates Compared To Other States

The most and least expensive states for car insurance in 2010. This is not the case however.

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This means rates can vary significantly by insurer which is why you should compare rates.

Florida car insurance rates compared to other states. On the other end of the spectrum was miami dade with an average annual car insurance rate of 2198 per year. On the other hand states where most of the drivers are properly insured and reside in rural areas saw some of the lowest car insurance rates. The average cost of auto insurance in florida is 1098 per year averaged for our three driver profiles across 67 counties in the state.

Now lets look at some of the reasons why. Above that amount a statewide pool called the michigan catastrophic claims association kicks in which affects the rates of everyone in the state. Rick scott put an annual price tag of 1 billion on pip fraud in florida.

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On average low mileage drivers in florida see an annual auto insurance rate of 2266 per year which works out to about 189 per month. On average americans spend 125 a month or 1503 for an annual rate on. The cheapest county was liberty county with average rates of 836.

For example in coral gables zip code 33135 the highest rate among six carriers is 5710. The average savings nationwide after comparing car insurance quotes 1127 a year. The average quoted premium returned to our consumers in florida was 1625 per year a whopping 51 higher than the national average of 1071.

Michigan and louisiana consistently rank higher than florida as the two most expensive states in the country for car insurance although florida is never far behind. Florida drivers pay a lot for car insurance. If you own a car purchasing car insurance is inevitable.

Car insurance companies use different formulas and weigh risks differently for each driver. Under the system an individuals insurance carrier covers the first 460000 in benefits. Car insurance rates vary from state to state.

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The average car insurance rate in florida is 1823 a year. Compared to michigan florida has lower limits on insurance payouts but pip fraud still drives up car insurance rates in florida. Because of fraud and other factors florida is one of the most expensive states for car insurance in the us.

The average percentage savings after comparing car insurance quotes is 138 percent a year. The nationwide average in the united states is about 1325. Maine climbed to the top of the heap this year with an average annual premium of 845 which is 42 percent below the national average.

The states where drivers can save the most on average per year by comparing car insurance quotes are. On average florida drivers pay approximately 1650 per year for car insurance.

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