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Low Interest Car Loans Reddit – Im hoping we can create a similar consolidated list for low interest personal loans. I would like to starting making double payments on my car how dumb is that.

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But certain types of lenders tend to offer lower rates than others.


Low interest car loans reddit. I found this a post with consolidated list of low interest auto loans. Just like in mortgage how a 15 year loan is lower rate than a 30 year loan. The longer the loan is exposed the more rate that needs to be charged to cover it.

In terms of your interest rate that will depend on your credit score the amount you want to borrow where you live etc. So instead if they just sell the car for 23k with 0 interest it seems like youre getting a deal but youre really spending 300 more than if you got the 425 deal. Even new auto loans at credit unions a have jumped 157 within the last year accounting for 184 of total loan growth increasing 207 billion year over year and adding 572550 new auto loans the national total according to credit union analysts callahan associates.

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Car loans have relatively low balances. At this point you would lose too much in depreciation about 3k in addition to the 6000 carried over from the previous car loan. Its going to cost you about 2800 in interest over the 7 years and the car will be worth about 6k.

Roth ira 6000yr. The longer the repayment period the more likely you are to miss a payment at some point. You would then need cash to buy a used car and still have a 9000 to pay back.

Only debtfixed cost is car payment 300month 6000 left 401k 6300yr. This is just like the financial markets. 10 lowest auto loan interest rates in the us.

Most cars max out at around 5 years of repayment compared to 25 years for a student loan or 30 years for a mortgage. Be careful of zero interest car loans. When the dealer gives low interest rate incentives the price of the car is usually inflated.

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Ideally im looking for personal loans without any origination fees or prepayment penalties. 425 interest on a 20k car over 6 years only generates 27k profit in interest for the dealer. The average car loan in the us is around 17000.

Theres no single lender that provides personal loans with low interest rates for everyone. For example according to a national credit union administration study the average interest rate for a fixed 36 month unsecured loan from a credit union as of march 2018 was 922 versus 1009 for banks. They will beat any approval by 01.

The monthly payment on a 16000 purchase at zero interest is 44444. How stupid is it to not our that extra 300 a month into my 401k. You save 2485 a month or 89460 over three years.

However if you take the rebate and finance through a bank at 5 percent your monthly payment comes to 41959. These loans may earn you a discount on your insurance rates and may come with additional benefits like full loan payoff in the event of a loss sometimes called gap insurance. Usually a 60 month term has a lower interest rate than a 72 or even 72 term loan.

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The last area is term.

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