Truck Driver Sun Damage One Side Of Face

This is why you should always wear sun cream. The photograph below shows how the left side of the mans face has aged so much that he has developed thick wrinkling skin.

Sunscreen Lesson Truck Driver Shows Extreme Sun Damage On One Side

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This Shocking Pic Of A Truck Driver Shows What 28 Years Of Sun

The 69 year old truck driver a sunbather ultraviolet a uva rays had penetrated his drivers side window glass damaging the outermost layers and sublayers of his skin.

Truck driver sun damage one side of face. Shocking photo of truck driver shows what 28 years of sun damage did to one side of his face. Truck drivers startling one sided sun damage. One face but two sides of a story.

He was a truck driver for the majority of his life and never wore sunscreen said northwestern university dermatologist jennifer gordon who reported the mans case. But the image of truck driver william mcelligott is actually a stark reminder of the destructive power of the sun. While the skin on the right side of his face appears relatively smooth the left is wrinkled and saggy.

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The argument for wearing sun protection as proven by the truck driver whose face aged 20 years faster on his window side. A 69 year old truck driver has revealed what 28 years of sun exposure can do to the skin. The difference between the two sides of his face is so pronounced even medical experts were shocked.

Trucker accumulates skin damage on left side of his face after 28 years on the road. Bill mcelligott delivery truck driver has severe sun damage on one side of his face photo as a result the left side of mcelligotts face looks roughly 20 years older than the right the toronto star reports. The left hand side of the 66 year olds face is deeply lined pitted and sagging after 28 years of sun exposure through the side window of his lorry.

Photo of truck driver shows what 28 years of sun damage looks like. Uv rays destroy the skins elastic fibres which causes the drivers deep wrinkles. On the other side of his face.

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What makes it striking is that this man a retired truck driver shows the damage on only one side of the face. According to the journal chronic uva exposure can result in thickening of the skins top layers the epidermis and stratum corneum as well as destruction of the skins elastic fibers. And its pretty terrifying.

This shocking pic of a truck driver shows what 28 years of sun damage does to your face. Trucker sun damage photo. The nature of the 69 year olds work meant the left was exposed to sun through the window of his truck whereas the right was protected by shade.

For 28 years the trucker has had his left side exposed to uva rays transmitted through his window whereas his right side was covered and relatively unharmed. The truck driver took the brunt of the damage on the left side of his face because of his many hours behind the wheel. According to the study the left side shows signs consistent with the favre racouchot syndrome of photodamaged skin known as dermatoheliosis the skin on the damaged side of his face is thicker a process known as unilateral dermatoheliosis.

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Upon examination the left side of his face was found to have signs consistent with the favre racouchot syndrome of photodamaged skin known as dermatoheliosis.

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Bill Mcelligott Delivery Truck Driver Has Severe Sun Damage On One

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