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Studio Hockey

Studio Hockey

Year of the Youth Huddle #1

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The Year of the Youth Huddle is an online conference by FIH Academy. On September 22, 2021 the conference set up 8 different webinars for leaders in youth hockey from around the world. Hosted by the hockey leaders of tomorrow chosen from the European Hockey Federation Youth Leadership Panel we hosted 4 morning and 4 evening sessions. Sessions with top players, top coaches, top umpires and some of the most entrepreneurial young people in the world of hockey. All sharing their experience with the youth who will manage the game of hockey in the future.

In the first episode Helen & Cedric from the EHF Youth Panel talked to Katrina Powell, the head coach for the Australian women team or Hockeyroos. As well as with Pasha Gademan, the head coach for the men of Canada. Both coaches just went to the Tokyo Olympics.

Episode 43 was produced by Studio.Hockey for FIH Academy & The Hockey Site. It was recorded on 2021-09-22 & published on 2021-09-25.
Host: Helen Windsor & Cedric Vermeiren from the EHF Youth Panel
Guests: Katrina Powell & Pasha Gademan
Podcast: Studio Hockey

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